My story

GemsbyŌ is a local Quebec business created by Audrée-Gabrielle Costa, a young woman from Aylmer. Her handcrafted jewelry in brass, stainless steel and natural stones is unique and bohemian.
From an early age, Audrée's artistic side always shone. Jewelery making was one of her passions as she remembers that at the age of ten she was selling it:door-to-door, at family gatherings and even at a local bank.

Audrée stopped making jewelry for a few years to focus on other passions and have entrepreneurial ideas.
On the other hand, after all these years and the hours spent at the stone store in Ottawa, the memories of his childhood came back to him, in 2018.

With her chic style, she started creating beautiful jewelry and in a short time she started her business:GemsbyŌ. These jewels are classic, light, they can be worn every day and there is something for everyone.